Field Station & Nestboxes


Our primary field site is the Edward J. Meeman Biological Station north of Memphis. Here we have 600 nestboxes distributed over ca. 180 ha on a bluff to the east of the Mississippi River (each dot represents a nestbox in the maps).

The Meeman Biological Station is one of two field sites owned by the Department of Biological Sciences at the UofM. It encompasses 252 hectares (nearly a square mile), with lab and dormitory facilities on site, adjacent to the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park. Click here for more information about the Meeman Biological Station, including its ecology and natural history. Our efforts will continue indefinitely, so keep checking back for updates!

We currently have two types of nestbox. 380 nestboxes have a circular entrance (K 10 above), which are utilized by Carolina chickadees, and 220 nestboxes have a slot entrance. The slot-entrance boxes currently host Carolina wrens, prothonotary warblers (in AD 2 below), and the parasitic brown-headed cowbird.
















We send very special thanks to Dr. Goudie and Dr. Kennedy of the Department of Biological Sciences and Edward J. Meeman Biological Station at the University of Memphis and to the “Delta Five Unit” of the AmeriCorps for helping us get established (see News for more info).